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What students say about our classes:

I had been looking for a Tai Chi class that was geographically desirable for about six years. I finally came across one in the Lakewood recreational catalog. After attending one class I knew it was everything I had hoped it would be. Tai chi brings together the mind and body, toning you from the inside out. I was able to learn the Yang short form in about nine months going to class once a week. I attribute this largely to the instruction that I receive from Sifu Richard Mieir-King and his assistant instructors Jean West and John Moore. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to improve their physical health and well-being. - Greg Wells
It's not strenuous exercise, it's good exercise. I didn't know that there was so many forms or rhythms and breathing exercises. I'm not tired when I get though with it and I want to keep doing something else after classes, I feel energized. Yes, I have recommended it to someone else. - Gail Mueller
I like it because it's good exercise, fun and I get to learn how to defend myself, if I needed to. It also helps to relax and relieve the stress from the day or week. I am able to run and take the stairs without gasping or panting every three steps, and when I get to the third floor after taking the stairs it doesn't take five to ten minutes to catch my breath or wait for my heart-rate to slow to normal. Tai Chi and Kung Fu combined with a regular diet has also helped me to lose weight consistently and steadily, rather than dieting alone. I have recommended both Tai Chi and Kung Fu to people that I thought would be interested given that they had tried other types of martial arts.   Most of all, I have fun and a great time in both Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes. - Karen Mueller
I find Tai Chi to be enjoyable and invigorating. It has increased my balance and mobility tremendously. I recommend Tai Chi to everyone who asks me about my activities. - Shari Curtis
Tai Chi class helps me to relax, stretch and remain flexible.  I quit smoking on Christmas day and this class has provided me with an alternative way of dealing with stress.  It is a good low impact way of improving flexibility, balance and breathing.   - Russ Lyon
I've only taken one short session of the class, but the enjoyment of the experience is still being lived. I plan to return to class this week.
I found such enjoyment and benefit from the classes I took. I liked the classes for so many reasons: I felt very comfortable from the onset of the first class, although I did not know any of the "moves", I felt that the instruction of the class was such, that new students could "learn" amongst the advanced students and not feel intimidated by our novice knowledge. Our instructor shows a dedication to the art of Tai Chi that is very inspiring and contagious. Most of all, I enjoyed the connection of Mind/Body/and Soul that I feel as I am participating.
The benefits of such a class are limitless. I view Tai Chi as an excellent form of exercise, which at the same time is a meditation through movement. The benefit of grounding and balance gained are a plus to the physical gains.
I would highly recommend this class. It is an "ageless" activity since the young of years and the young at heart will find it an exciting yet peaceful form of exercise and meditation. Our busy life styles are stress conducive and this is the perfect antidote to stress.
I look forward to further learning and greater balance through this ancient art form. - Maribel Fonseca
Every Senior lives in fear of a fall.  Tai Chi has given me increased confidence in my balance, which translates into more self confidence.  The exercise is the best medicine to keep joints limber and bones strong.  I feel it also strengthens the immune system and thus increases a person's overall health.  - Pat Corrales-Diaz
I like it because I'm learning new ways to improve my health and fitness from a patient and knowledgeable instructor with a good sense of humor and I am experiencing more flexibility and improved balance.  - John and Patty Desler

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